Benefits and Features of Using Microsoft Office 365

According to Wikipedia, Microsoft Office 365 is the brand name Microsoft uses for a group of subscriptions that provide Productivity software and related services. Microsoft Office tools are one of the tools a Company cannot do without in today’s world. The Microsoft office Tool Package are used in virtually all cooperate organizations to make work easier and faster.  Microsoft 365 can also run on both windows and android devices, it has other features including storage space on OneDrive, file hosting service and talk time on Skype. Microsoft 365 also offers service subscription for e-mail, social networking, Skype, SharePoint and Office Online integration.

For anyone thinking of using Office 365 cloud, know that this software offers a lot of features and benefits including;

  1. Greater Productivity

Every business man goes into business with the goal of achieving a greater level of productivity. One way to make the employees more productive is to make their routine tasks easier for them. Microsoft as a company has put in a lot of time and effort to design and make Microsoft Office 365 as user-friendly as possible. It is easy to use, flexible, saves time and has access to latest Office applications, updates and features. If used, the service can lead to greater productivity.

  1. Access from Anywhere in the World

The Microsoft 365 office suite itself is set up to save your documents directly to the cloud, you still have the option to save files locally, but the apps integrate tightly with SkyDrive. Getting access to your software from all over the world is a great advantage to any user, all you need is a good computer and a stable/fast internet connection. The application runs a data centre of Microsoft, that way, you will require a fast internet connection to be able to view your documents that are saved to the cloud and an added advantage of the service is that the changes made by you can be viewed by your employees who have access to the files on the cloud. Moreover, this feature also increases the level of security of your documents because of the central storage in the cloud that is not accessible to everyone.

  1. User’s Comfort

Microsoft office 365 Windows is just one of the many products developed by Microsoft. There are other products developed by Microsoft that were not as successful as Office 365, that means that not all of the products developed my Microsoft are the best. For instance, Windows Visa didn’t gain popularity like the other operating systems made by the same company because users just kept on using Windows 7 and ignored the Windows Visa. This may have been so because users were more comfortable with Windows 7 and didn’t enjoy the features of Windows Visa. This reaction from users made the software giant realize that users stick to the things that make their lives easier. This feedback from users was taken into consideration when designing Office 365 as it is designed to make users feel comfortable when using it. The only difference is that the software is now connected to the business software loaded on the cloud and the SharePoint is taking care of the content management system behind the curtain.

  1. High security and reliability

It’s the responsibility of Microsoft to ensure security and reliability of the subscribers’ data on the cloud, subscribers do not have to worry about the security and reliability aspect of the software as the company do the heavy lifting, that will give your IT team time to pay attention to other more important jobs. This way, you can get the most out of your enterprise software.

  1. Control and efficiency

Microsoft 365 is designed to give as much authority to administrators as possible, this way it ensures control and efficiency. Employers want to know that their employees have what it takes to ensure control and efficiency of their data and that’s what Office 365 Cloud can do for you. Microsoft Office 365 offers administrators better control over the environment as it’s simple and intuitive. So, if you are looking to make your office more productive, we suggest that you check out Office 365 Cloud. If used the right way, the software will help you get the highest level of productivity from each of your employees.

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