How to Protect Your Computer from Hacker

Hackers are a bunch of scary people whose intention is to make life miserable for their victims.  Hackers will go to any length to get access to your data and can get so much information about a person or a business from the internet. The hacker can manipulate details collected from the internet and use it to exploit your online security system which can put your personal data in danger.

If you are worried about your computers getting infected by a virus or your online accounts being hacked and your identities being stolen, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure you protect your personal computer from virus and hackers. These tips are applicable to both businesses, corporate organizations and individuals.

  1. Change Your Passwords Often

As much as It’s important to use difficult passwords, you should develop the habit of changing your passwords often. Another tip is to avoid the use of the same password across different devices or portals. This is a common practice among many, they use the same password for different devices and across different online portals, this strategy is not a good strategy. You could make use a password manager if you find the use of different passwords difficult. Adopting a two-step authentication to ensure security and prevent hacking is also a good strategy.

  1. Imbibe Smart Internet Culture

Hackers have become more sophisticated and advanced, they are always thinking fast, but you have to always be a step ahead of them. When you receive emails containing attachments, you should confirm the true identity of the sender before opening the mail. Ascertain whether the email is from a human, company or a robot but if you are unable to determine that, you can pay close attention to the way sentences are selected, structured and formatted.

  1. Install Anti-Virus Software

The use of an effective anti-virus software cannot be overemphasized. It protects your computer and your data and prevents loss and other security breaches. There are many antivirus software’s that incorporates firewall and other security measures that help prevent hacking and security breaches. Users can also invest in anti-exploit technologies that help prevent attacks or additionally subscribe to online service and repair programs offered by different online computer repair and computer technology service providers.

  1. Avoid Using Open Wi-Fi

An open Wi-Fi connection is an express avenue for hackers to gain access to your network and steal your files. It is of high importance to protect your wireless connections with a strong encrypted password. You should always refresh your equipment periodically as some of the routers have vulnerabilities that are not updated or patched.

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