What You Should Know About Dedicated Server Hosting

When you use a single server exclusively without sharing the server with anyone else, it’s called dedicated server hosting and this makes you the person in control of the server. With this, you can tailor your server to suit your requirement and the needs of your domain. Dedicated servers are a bit more expensive but you get multiple features/options that are worth paying for.

Dedicated servers are quite large and just like any other personal computer, dedicated servers also have RAM, microprocessors, hard drives and other features. When a computer is designed to manage large amount of data, you can call it a server. Dedicated servers can be categorized into two primary categories as described below:

  1. Unmanaged: This means that you are the one controlling the server. Therefore, you are responsible for the proper functioning and maintenance of the server.
  2. Managed: This means that you hire another company who will maintain the server and also make sure that it keeps running flawlessly. The only thing you have to do is to send the information to the hired company. Managed dedicated server often offer features such as 24×7 help desk, 24×7 monitoring, operating system updating, scanning for viruses and malware, filtering spams, updating kernels and DLL files, etc.

Advantages of choosing Dedicated Server Hosting:

Performance: Dedicated servers are designed to handle huge amount of information at all times. Therefore, dedicated server can be trusted for its performance as it won’t show any form of glitches even when your website witnesses heavy traffic.

Reliable: Most people invest in dedicated server Hosting because of its reliability. With you being the chief of the server, you can control and minimise downtime, system changes and upgrades required. You can also estimate and plan for required maintenance and repairs beforehand to avoid gaps.

Control: Notwithstanding the category of server you decide to use, either managed or unmanaged, you have the absolute control of the server in your hands. You are free to change the software to suit your needs and also improve the service based on your prerequisites.

Secure: Dedicated servers are the most secure server because you are the person in control of it and you can tailor the requirements according to your needs.

Cloud Hosting Vs. Dedicated Servers Hosting:

The recent introduction of cloud hosting has seen many people shifting to use the services. Cloud hosting saves a lot of space as data and information are saved in the storage space available online. One can access their information from any device anywhere just by signing into their account. Various domains also use cloud hosting service for storage but there are some pros and cons of cloud hosting that are listed below:


  • Cloud servers consists of multiple servers, as such, if any of the servers stop working, other servers will make up for it.
  • Since the cloud has several servers, storage extension is easy and one can increase the capacity to suit their need.
  • Cloud hosting is less expensive compared to dedicated servers Hosting.


We remember a few years ago when some private pictures of some celebrities came into public space because of the weakness of the cloud hosting company. This shows that cloud hosting is not trustworthy in terms of security.

Virtual Private Server Vs Dedicated-Server-Hosting:

The Virtual Private Server is said to be similar to Dedicated Server Hosting, but it covers only a limited scale. Most people describe it as a condominium where you enjoy only a small portion of the large property. Similarly, in Virtual Private Server, you can make certain changes within your limitations. Below are some of the pros and cons of virtual private servers:


  • Virtual private server is relatively cheaper than a dedicated server.
  • As a user, you can completely customize your virtual private server to suit what you need.
  • On virtual private server, there are managed, semi-managed and unmanaged packages for different people and different needs.
  • Virtual private server also offers good security for user’s served data.


With virtual private server, the common problem is the unsuitable distribution of resources. In spite of the option of utilizing the server to the fullest, users cannot do that because the virtual private server develops problems as soon as you try to use the server to its full capacity.

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